Miscellaneous Encounters

"Sunset through Remnants of Abandoned Turkish Railway Station"
Negev Desert, South of Nitzana, Israel, 2020

The sun set on the Ottoman Empire.  But is Turkey winking today?

"Staring at the Bedroom Ceiling, Underexposed and Overexposed"
Jerusalem, Israel, 2020

Confined to home due to nationwide coronavirus precautions.

"Woman not Dancing"
Tel Aviv Boardwalk, Israel, 2019

"Driving past a Crowded Beach"
A warm sunny place, 2015

"Hold My Cigarettes"
Jerusalem, Israel, 2015

Outside Jerusalem's "First Station" (the defunct train station, recently renovated with shops and restaurants) sits an old decrepit piano.  I was examining it, considering how best to photograph it.  Just then a worn, wrinkled woman carrying too many things surprised me.  "I'll play you a song.  Hold my cigarettes."  She placed the pack near my face, and I took it.  Then she gently tapped out a few notes, and I snapped a photo.  She (and the piano) could still play.  She flashed me a huge smile, retrieved her cigarettes, and left.

"Klezmer Violinist in Poland"
Krakow, Poland, 2018

"Car Wash"
Abu Ghosh, Israel, 2014

"Young Women Speaking at Fountain"
An urban fountain at night, 2015

"Young Couple in Cafe"
Mitzpe Ramon, Israel, 2015

"Umbrella Lights and the Moon"
Jerusalem, Israel, 2019

While at an outdoor cafĂ© at night, taking a photo of the pink lights on the underside of an umbrella, I shook the camera intentionally.  The white, at the upper right of the image, is the moon.

"Wave Crashes over Boardwalk Wall, Drenches Young Woman"
Jaffa, Israel, 2016

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