With Nature

"Sunset at Industrial Construction"
Arad, Israel, 2021

"Our Good Neighbor"
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2000

"Floating Safety Rope"
Tel Aviv, Israel, 2021

"Woman in the Park with Dog and Phone"
Jerusalem, Israel, 2020

"Driving Jeep through Bedouin Encampment"
Judean Desert, Israel, 2021

"Kite Surfer at Sunset"
Herzilya, Israel, 2021


"Bird's Eye"
Delray Beach, Florida, 2012

Tucking his head beneath his wing, and taking one last look, shortly before going to sleep.

"Sunset, Varna Port"
Varna, Bulgaria, 2019

The first image is the "straight" shot.  The second image is the same scene, but with intentional camera shake.

"Horse Under Duress"
Jerusalem, Israel, 2021

While strolling in a Jerusalem park, I was startled by a young man riding his horse hard, galloping past me.  While I have great respect for many aspects of Arab culture, too often I've seen young Arab men lack compassion for their animals.  There was no reason for this man to be punishing his horse as he was. 

Sanibel, Florida, 2007

Sometimes you just get lucky.

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