Nature and Wildlife

"Our Good Neighbor"
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2000

"Hanging Dead Fish"
A fisheries market in the Far East, 2017

I'm not a vegetarian.  Then again, I don't usually see where my food comes from.  But visiting this fisheries market -- with its live sea creatures, cooked fish, and everything in between -- gave me pause.  These fish were hung for decoration.

"Half Dome, Tunnel View"
Yosemite National Park, California, 2003

A soft look at a famous view.  The sunset (out of the photo) is reflected in the clouds.

"Feeding Falafel to Wild Bird"
Masada, Israel, 2016

At the top of Masada, a tourist was snacking on a falafel ball.  There were a few small birds perched above us, watching.  She decided to see if a bird would take any food from her.  So she placed a small bit of falafel in her hand, and held it outstretched and still.  After a few moments, one of the birds flew down, stood briefly on her wrist, snatched the falafel in his beak, and flew back to enjoy it.


"Getting Away From It All?"
Central Park, New York City, 2019

"Eye Contact"
Yosemite Valley, California, 2003

A few minutes earlier, I'd come across a bear.  But he was afraid of me and ran off!  With the deer, ironically, I was able to make a longer connection.

"Vistula River, Late Autumn"
Warsaw, Poland, 2018

"Bird's Eye"
Delray Beach, Florida, 2012

Tucking his head beneath his wing, and taking one last look, shortly before going to sleep.

"Sheleg Sleeping"
Jerusalem, Israel, 2010

Sanibel, Florida, 2007

Sometimes you just get lucky.

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